Friday Fun Facts

Friday Fun Facts: Marcus ~ Daddy, Hubby, Farmer Geek Blogger


About time for another round of Friday Fun Facts, where you get to learn a little bit more about our contributors. Today Marcus shares his past jobs with you. Past employment does not, by any means, define you, but it is an interesting way to see where you have been at different stages in life. I always find it fascinating to learn where people have worked!

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Friday Fun Facts

Friday Fun Facts: Farmer, Father, Dungeon Master - Getting to know Marcus

Time for another installment of our Friday Fun Facts series and I’m super excited to include hubby, Marcus! He will be joining the blog crew over the coming months to share about our very first chicken flock {YES, chickens} and some other helpful farming/homesteading/growing posts. But most importantly, we welcome him to bring a “dad’s perspective” to this whole parenting thing! First, let’s get to know him a little bit more…

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Ten Years & Counting

Ten Years & Counting ~ Celebrating our tenth anniversary!


Today we celebrate our 10th Anniversary!! Feels like we just celebrated our 5th and here we are already! Some years have flown by, some days have dragged on, and some moments will always be frozen in time. So thankful that we said “I Do” and that we were able to share that day with so many of our loved ones that are no longer with us today.

We are blessed.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Rugged Gentlemen

Holiday Gift Guide: Rugged Gentlemen ~ Bubblegum Sass

For the third installment of my Holiday Gift Guide series, we turn to treats for all the wonderful gentlemen in our lives. The only thing is, most of the gents in my life are rough-around-the-edges, cabin-bound or farm-bound men, so my gift guide is inspired by them. Cheers to all the rugged gentlemen out there! (And don’t forget to check out the other posts in this gift guide series.)

Medicin River Soap Gift Set
NGNG (No Guts, No Glory) Gift Soap Set from Medicine River Soap Co. (Red Deer, AB)


Ole Originals Alberta T-Shirt

Alberta T-Shirt 2nd Edition by Ole Originals (Vancouver, BC)
*The BEST tees around. Hubby & I each own a few of Chandler’s designs.*

Wood Journal by Forest Nine
Wood Covered Journal from Forest Nine (Calgary)

Mammoth Beard Co.
Hazelnut & Hemp Beard Oil Sample from Mammoth Beard Co. (Calgary)

Don’t forget to check out ideas from more great local shops on my Etsy Holiday Gift Guides page. Hope you’re starting to feel like you’ve got a number of things checked off your gift list. Would love to hear your own gift ideas for the gentlemen in your lives! I always find shopping for the gents the most challenging. So let’s hear it! What are you getting the menfolk for Christmas this year? {post in the comments}

Treasury Love (for dudes)

It has been soooo long since I’ve gotten to share any treasuries with you on the blog. There have been technical difficulties (the tool used to display them has not been working for quite some time), but viola! It appears to be functioning again! Just in time for a treasury blitz weekend with the Etsy Alberta Street Team. This treasury is not actually a team treasury, but one I made just because it’s Valentine’s and the dudes in our life don’t get enough attention in all the Valentine’s hype:

Memory lane

Five years ago today, I woke before the sun came up. Had coffee with my soon-to-be sister-in-law and then got super pampered at the salon. Hubby & I helped each other get dressed in all our finery and then were whisked off for photos. Step by step, getting closer to the moment when we would say very special “I do’s” before family and friends.

Feels longer than five years ago. Those closest to us know just how much we’ve managed to pack into that short time together. We’ve seen each other through good times and bad, through sickness and health, through loss and a birth, through poorer and richer. We’ve loved each other, liked each other, been grumpy with each other, and yes, even yelled at each other. But I’m praying we’ll continue to be best friends for life. We’re still learning how to be husband and wife, a never-ending process. And now we’re also learning how to be a papa and mama.

Today I am remembering how it felt to just be “me” on our wedding day:

Sarah's wedding converse shoes

Remembering our closest siblings, that stood by our side that day:

Blake, Sarah, & Aaron at Sarah's WeddingTina & Marcus at Marcus' Wedding

Remembering the beauty of the sky & how dramatic it was:

Sarah & Marcus on Scotsman's hill

And being swept away be a kiss:

Sarah & Marcus kissing by train

Happy Anniversary, sweetie.