Reading Time: Our Fave Halloween Books

Reading Time: Our Fave Halloween Books ~ Books for kids


Are you ready for another addition of “Reading Time: Our Fave… Books”? Of course, what could be more appropriate right now than our fave Halloween books?! We do so love Halloween in our house! These books get read throughout the year, but we’ll make it special by reading some of them by the spooky glow of our Halloween lights & haunted village decorations. Join along, if you dare.

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Reading Time: Our Fave Nature Books

Reading Time: Our Fave Nature Books ~ Good Reads for Kids


We have quite the book worm in our house, and honestly, reading is pretty important to hubby & I too. We started reading to Sam as a baby, in the toddler years we could pass hours just reading stories to him, and reading time is built into our day-to-day routine even now. We’ve definitely got a lot of favourites! Some are pretty common, others might not be, so that’s why I thought I would start to share some of our good reads.

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Summer Fun: Dino Ice Hunt

Dino Ice Hunt ~ Summer Outdoor Activity for Kids ~ By Bubblegum Sass

Sam and I spent many afternoons this summer on the back deck being paleontologists (dino hunters according to Sam). We froze some of his smaller plastic dino models in a block of water and used a toy hammer to chip them out of the ice. This is a pretty simple activity to get setup, it makes hot afternoons go a bit faster, and you get to cool down eating ice chips as you go. (more…)

Painting With Nature

Painting with Nature ~ Activities for Preschoolers ~ By Bubblegum Sass

Sammy and I recently had quite the fun afternoon painting bits of his nature collection and then painting with bits of nature. For quite some time now, he has kept a nature box, where he stashes away things he finds on our daily adventures, from twigs & leaves to stones & moss. Feathers have their own special place. The actual box where he stores all of this is overflowing and so I knew that some arts & crafts projects were on the horizon.


DIY Paintbrush for Kids

DIY Paintbrush for Kids ~ Clothespins & Cotton Balls ~Blog Tutorial by Bubblegum Sass

We’ve been moving Sam away from nap time the past few weeks because his nighttime sleep was getting pretty crazy. He gets quiet time in his room instead of naps, which he is growing to like more and more. No naps in the afternoon can make for long days though. I recently whipped up this little activity for him to try out just to break up one particularly long afternoon.


Mourning Mamahood

I blinked and he was suddenly three.


Mourning Mamahood ~ thoughts on motherhood ~ blog post by Bubblegum Sass
Sam a few weeks old (2012)

This has been a big week. Between bathroom renovations, our washing machine officially dying and rearranging bedrooms to accommodate Sam’s new big boy bed {all in a five day period} I feel like our home was turned upside down and inside out. Or at least, that’s how these changes are making my tummy feel. A little queasy and uneasy. I’m not necessarily a fearless person when it comes to change. I hesitate, I deliberate, I ponder and I get a bit grumpy.