Raining rainbows

Many months before Sam was born, I purchased several solid colored baby onesies with the intention of decorating them. Unfortunately they ended up on this list of items that I didn’t get done beforehand. So I’ve been trying to squeeze them into my brief moments in the evenings when I have two hands free. Here is the first completed onesie:

Rain cloud onesie

Rain cloud onesie detail

I used a reverse appliqué technique (my first time at attempting it). There were two different tutorials I read on this, one from that*darn*kat blog and the other from Sew, Mama, Sew! In the end what I ended up doing was much closer to the second tutorial, simply because I was sewing by hand not machine. It was really simple to do and I have plans to try it with another onesie, perhaps a dinosaur this time around or even a Day of the Dead sugar skull. There are a bunch of other ideas for decorating & personalizing onesies floating around in my head and on my Pinterst board. And I better get moving on the onesies I’ve already purchased because the time for them to be worn by little Sam will quickly come and go before I know it!

Happy Friday! Wishing you all a little crafty time this weekend!


I am quickly discovering how tricky it is to write on this blog with any much frequency and at any great length now that Sam is in my life. I have, however, been spending many late nights and pre-dawn hours surfing Pinterest while nursing my little man. I’ve been collecting lots of inspiration for future craft projects when both my hands are free and my brain is slightly less consumed by all things baby. This is how the idea for a new weekly post was born. “Button-spiration” will feature a new button craft each week. Some of them I may have already tried, some may get filed away for “some day”, and many will probably never be attempted. Inspiration is, after all, about being stimulated and getting excited about an idea, even if it doesn’t lead to a finished product. And inspiration is something I could a healthy dose of each day while I continue my recovery.

So here we go, the first of many button loving craft projects to share with you:

Definitely want to make a version of this to hang in the nursery. So colorful and cheery, what’s not to love? I even have an embroidery hoop and fabric all prepped to do this. Just need to pick out my button rainbow.