Living With Essential Oils: Mermom Roll-On

Mermom Roll-On Recipe from Bubblegum Sass


Who does it better? Mermaids or moms? How about a super combo of both? Ya, that’s more like me. Mermom. Ironically I don’t have a love affair with the ocean or water. Instead, my appreciation of mermaids is in their representation of duality & beauty. They seem like the perfect representation of momlife, where adaptability, discernment, and inner beauty/confidence are important.

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Living With Essential Oils: April Picks

Living With Essential Oils: April Picks - Lemon, Geranium & Lemongrass Oils


Oh dear, April is getting away on us. It’s already half done! Our last couple weeks have been bogged down by a chest cold running through the house and I seem to have gotten worse than anyone else. And the snow. Oh the snow. It’s the gift that keeps on giving this year and we’d really appreciate if it would just stop, or at least turn into rain. Hard to be motivated for spring. But IT IS technically spring! So here’s a quick little essential oils inspiration for {what’s left} of this month!

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Living With Essential Oils: January Picks

Living With Essential Oils: January Picks ~ Oils to help with your New Year's Resolutions ~ Healthy You!


Oh my! New month, new year and, for a lot of folks that means, new resolutions for healthy living. What better place to start than with introducing some essential oils to your routine! My oils crew, Shauna & Jan, suggested we share inspiration for how you can use essential oils to help achieve some of the common New Year’s resolutions. Whether you’re looking for short-term help to get you motivated or ways to include oils in the long-term, you’ve got some ideas! Plus a downloadable recipe for two wellness roll-ons!

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Living With Essential Oils: A Good Soak

Living With Essential Oils: A Good Soak ~ DIY Bath Salts and Milk Bath ~ Gift Giving Tutorial


I’ve got to admit, I don’t get to sneak away for a warm soak in the bath tub too often. Even when I do, Mister Sam typically comes to “check” on me and conveniently brings a book along to read {he plunks himself down on the floor of the bathroom waiting for me to finish}. But even on those occasions, I get to enjoy a soak in some homemade bath salts or a milk bath mix. We keep a variety of ones on hand, stored in mason jars. Now that I think about it, it’s really Sam who gets the most use out of these, since I tend to sneak them into his regular bath. They make great gifts though too! So join me for a little DIY bath treat mixing!

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Living With Essential Oils: Cold & Flu Season

Living With Essential Oils: Cold & Flu ~ Natural Remedies and DIYs


Oh yes, it’s fully that time of year. In our house, we’ve already battled a few rounds of illness {do any other mamas go a little nutty with how many colds the kiddos bring home from school?!}. Since discovering & playing around with essential oils, I’ve come up with some routines for the cold & flu season; both in preventative ways and soothing symptoms.

I’ve teamed up with Shauna to give you a glimpse at how we each use essential oils for this time of year! We’re each mamas, and we all understand the challenges with keeping healthy, keeping our homes germ-free, and loved ones comforted through illness. Don’t miss out on our FREE downloadable recipes at the end of this post to help do just that!

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Santa’s Workshop: DIY Salts & Sugars

Santa's Workshop: DIY Salts & Sugars ~ Essential Oil Infused ~ by Bubblegum Sass


I was gifted a lovely & deliciously useful salt & sugar set infused with essential oils. It’s one of those things, at first glance, you’re not sure how you’ll use it, but I quickly changed that attitude into “what won’t I use them in?!” Turns out they are simple to make, and really handy to have sitting on the kitchen counter to shake in here & there.

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Let’s just jump into it:

Lime Salt

  • 1/2 cup of fine sea salt
  • 15-20 drops of Lime essential oil
  • fresh zest from one lime

Zest your lime & set aside {don’t let your now naked lime go to waste; slice it up & add to your water, or juice it & put it towards a margarita}. Mix together sea salt & lime essential oil, breaking up clumps. Add lime zest. Mix well. Put into whichever container is most convenient. Mine came in spice shakers, which work awesome.

Orange Sugar

  • 1/2 cup of white sugar
  • 7-10 drops of Orange essential oil
  • fresh zest from one orange

Zest your orange & set aside. Mix together sugar & orange essential oil. Add orange zest. Spread mixture onto baking sheet to air dry. Scoop into container, breaking up clumps as needed.


Santa's Workshop: DIY Salts & Sugars ~ Essential Oil Infused ~ by Bubblegum Sass


Now here’s the best part… you can do a whole variety of citrus infused salts & sugars using citrus zests & essential oils! The other amazing thing, is the number of ways to use these. I’ve sort of lost track of how many thing’s I’ve added them to. The salt gets added to random cooking, from veggies to chicken {lime salt & cooked beans is super tasty}. The sugar gets added to things like plain greek yogurt & homemade applesauce. I keep ours handy on the kitchen counter, so whenever I’m at a loss or just plain too tired to decided on flavours or seasonings, I grab one of these. They make a great hostess gift too!

Happy cooking!