My New Normal

My New Normal ~ A blog post by Bubblegum Sass

Maybe you follow along my life adventures on Instagram or Facebook, but for those that just read along here, I wanted to give you a quick update. Our lives exploded two weeks ago, when my father & I had to take my mom into the ER because of severe, unbearable pain in her back (a new area where her cancer had spread). After a very long night in the ER, she was admitted to an Intensive Palliative Care Unit and remains there now. Her condition has declined dramatically since then. It has turned our world upside down, to say the least.

My new normal involves spending 3-8hrs a day at the hospital by her side, keeping her company and helping care for her. My dad and brother are putting in long shifts too, so that between the three of us, she has someone to help her throughout the day & evening. Meanwhile, I’m also trying to still be there for my Sammy a bit each day. It’s exhausting. We aren’t without help though, so for that, I am truly blessed.

The aggressive nature of my mom’s cancer and her terminal diagnosis means that we probably don’t have a lot of time left with her. And so, I will be taking a bit of a step back from Bubblegum Sass things, in order to spend plenty of time with my mom and care for my family (and myself). The Etsy shop will remain open for now, but new product isn’t being listed and the blog might be neglected over the next few weeks. I’m still posting periodic updates on Instagram & Facebook, so find me there to stay in touch.

Thank you so much for your patience, support and prayers during this terribly difficult time.

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