When What You Least Expect, Happens

An alternate title might be Taking the road less traveled, even if you really don’t want to, because that’s what it feels like my hubby and I are doing.

We started this journey to have a family over six years ago. In that time, I’ve had a highly invasive abdominal myomectomy, two miscarriages and one rough c-section resulting, finally, in a healthy baby boy. Truly, we are blessed with our little Sammy, but we’ve longed for so very much more.

Since 2009, I’ve had two phrases pressing down on me “uterine fibroids” & “hysterectomy”. I’ve written in the past about my struggle with uterine fibroids and this quote seems to sum it all up nicely,


“Of all the things we’d struggled through, surely getting pregnant would be the least difficult. This strange fibroid discovery derailed all my preconceived notions of easy or straightforward childbearing.”

It had never occurred to me that getting pregnant for us wouldn’t be “easy”. Friends seemed to have very little difficulty. We were relatively healthy and young and we’d worked hard to establish a stable work & home life. We had lots of family support. It was the ideal situation to welcome little babies into the world. But, in all our careful planning & waiting, we’d forgotten about one thing. Our lives are not our own. As I would later experience in the death of my brother and mother, there are some things that happen, that we just can’t understand. More importantly, we don’t need to understand.

My first batch of huge fibroids were removed in 2010. After all the daily discomfort and monthly misery, I was happy to have them out and finally get another chance to try for kids. After one miscarriage, I finally became pregnant with our Sam. While I was pregnant with him, we discovered that more fibroids had started to grow. The stupid things made Sam’s delivery even more difficult and for several moments, quite scary. By the time he was about nine months old, I could start to see and feel the fibroids again. For a good two years now, I have been walking around looking pregnant, being congratulated on my pregnancy and slowly having to go back to wearing my maternity clothes, NOT because I am growing a precious child in there, but because I’m growing massive begnin tumors.

When What You Least Expect, Happens ~ My journey with uterine fibroids ~ Bubblegum Sass

I put off what started to feel inevitable for a number of reasons. First, because we were still trying, praying & hoping to have another child. And second, it was far too overwhelming to deal with while watching my mom struggle through her battle with cancer.

After a recent and devastating miscarriage (the same week as my mom’s funeral), I could no longer put off the decision that needed to be made. It felt like I had carried the possibility with me for six years. In fact, many of the decisions for how I did things with Sam as a baby was due to a feeling deep in my heart, that he may very well be our only one. I cherished feeling him move inside of me, watching all the movements of my belly. I sacrificed a lot to nurse him as long as he wanted. I adored those middle-of-the-night cuddles and all the naps we shared together, listening to him breathe and feeling his warmth. No regrets now, just much longing to do it all again with another.

But now for that inevitable decision. To have a hysterectomy. At the age of 34. A painful reality. Far from an easy choice. I’m not one to give up on too much and this feels like giving up A LOT.

When What You Least Expect, Happens ~ My journey with uterine fibroids ~ Bubblegum Sass

But I’m so exhausted. So very, very done. Done with literally carry this huge weight around. Having more bad days than good. Having awful pain eat into my precious time with Sam. Done being mistaken as pregnant. Done feeling helpless and mostly, done being so down on myself. I want to get back to myself. I’ve been working on some of the mental issues there, but my physical situation is a big wall I can’t wait to break down.

When What You Least Expect, Happens ~ My journey with uterine fibroids ~ Bubblegum Sass

So once again, I’m putting this all into His hands. Trusting that if it be His will, one day, we will get to hold another baby in our arms. I might not be able to physically birth that child, but they will be ours through & through. We have a lot more love to give.

For now, I’ll be focusing on my recovery. Getting healthy for myself & my family. Surgery is on Friday. Prayers for a smooth physical & mental recovery are very much welcome. They will lift me up as I face this new reality.

PS – Thank you for being gentle with me. I’ve very much avoided being photographed up to this point. It’s pretty hard to hide anything these days and I get so tired trying to hide. I hope at least, that someone else might see these photos and know that they are not alone in their suffering. Fibroids suck. They can be so much more than an “inconvenience”. As you can see, they can be life changing.

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8 thoughts on “When What You Least Expect, Happens

  1. Hi Sarah,
    We know of each other but have never met and seem to have lived similar lives within womanhood. One difference is you were able to carry and birth Sam, I waited through adoption for my son. I will never carry and birth a child due to a severe case of endometriosis. I to am facing a hysterectomy at 37. I actually should have had it when I was 33 but didn’t want it to interfere with the adoption. There are many woman who face the same challenges as you and I but I can’t find any of them. I will be thinking of you on Friday and thank you for sharing your story.

    The art of Lauren Cowles

  2. Beautiful article and what an amazing woman you are to put yourself out into the open and share your hardships. I’m sure allot of people out there will be able to relate to these issues and not feel so alone in their journeys as well…
    Praying for you and a speedy recovery.

    Childhood friend: me

  3. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe how much you guys have been through. I’m sorry you had to make such a hard decision. I hope it will bring your some peace and calmness though. I wish you all the best. I’ll be sending you good thoughts on Friday! – Lindy

  4. Thank you for sharing your deep grief and painful journey with us Sarah. Praying for healing, peace and hope for you and your family. Love Lola

  5. Sarah, it was so brave of you to share your story, it is one not often told. “Our lives are not our own” is so very true. Wishing you much love and luck on Friday!

  6. Sarah.

    As always, you inspire me with your vulnerability, your courage and your faith. Thank you for sharing. I know it couldn’t have been easy, just as your journey these past years has been heartbreaking and incredibly difficult. We will be lifting you up to our Heavenly Father on Friday and throughout your recovery – both physically, emotionally and spiritually. We love you and are here for you…whatever you need.

    I also wanted to share this verse with you as an encouragement and testament of our God:

    “The Lord your God is with you,
    He is mighty to save,
    He will take great delight in you,
    He will quiet you with His love,
    He will rejoice over you with singing.” (Zep 3:17)

    love, shauna

  7. Hi Sarah,

    You have been in my thoughts. I am so sorry for what you’ve endured this year, reading your blog posts brought me to tears. I hope that your surgery went well, and that your recovery is smooth & restful. You are truly a wonderful person! Sending lots of love to you and your family.

    Carly (Folly a Tet)

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