Living With Essential Oils: Family Travel Tips

Living With Essential Oils: Family Travel Tips ~ By Bubblegum Sass

We recently took a trip to London, Ontario to visit family. It was the first official vacation we’ve had in over a year and a half! Needless to say, it was nice to have a break from the regular grind. My oil-loving friends all reminded me to pack some of our essential oils for the trip {which I had already written down on the packing list}. The oils certainly don’t take up that much room & they are so worth it to bring along. So here’s my personal suggestions for travel:


Living With Essential Oils: Family Travel Tips ~ By Bubblegum Sass


  • Lavender – to assist with sleep, de-stress, keep calm {my fave oil in the whole world & I really need to keep a bottle in my purse everyday}. I like to dab a bit right under my nose, or rub it on my wrists or temples.
  • Dragon Time – to help with this mama’s anger & crazy hormones. Rub into wrists.
  • Stress Away – to help stretch out that parental patience & keep calm. Rub into wrists.
  • Peppermint – to help with headaches, neck tension {that turn into headaches} & nausea. We turned ours into a roller, to assist in application, mainly on our back & necks. {So very glad we brought this along, since hubby got quite sick the one day and the peppermint oil offered a lot of comfort}.
  • R.C. & Eucalyptus – for “just in case” one of us ended up with a cold. A bit of Eucalyptus in a warm bath will help with sinus & chest congestion {perfect for kiddos} or rub on the bottom of feet or put a bit directly on the chest {adults only}.
  • Thieves – not pictured here. Thieves didn’t make it along on this trip {I generally diffuse it at home}, but it was highly recommended by a friend to wear daily while traveling to boost the immune system. Rub into wrists. We’re bringing it next time for sure!

Do you have any oils that you just can’t travel without? Either for basic comfort or to help with common travel ailments? I’d love to hear you suggestions! Leave a comment, so we can all keep learning how to live with oils!

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