Living With Essential Oils: Boosting Immunity

Living with Essential Oils: Boosting Immunity ~ Young Living Oils Tip by Bubblegum Sass

When I first started this oils journey, just over a year ago, I was mainly interested in using my diffuser. Slowly I started getting into topical applications for various remedies, in particular hormone balancing & sore muscles. A little citrus oils in my cooking. Then it was roll-ons and all sorts of DIY bath & beauty items. And now… I’ve dived into the world of veggie capsules for ingestion..
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Now, be forewarned that I am not a doctor or health care practitioner. I have no particular expertise & can’t recommend anything in the area of health. There, honest truth & full disclosure.

I’m just a mama, whose son goes to preschool and brings home all sorts of “fun” cold germs. I’m also a mama who is trying to solve things with natural remedies when & where I can. So when a friend gave me some empty veggie capsules to try at an oils party, I decided to give them a whirl.

I’ve read about all sorts of different oils that people ingest daily for various issues. There’s probably any number of oils I could take daily too, but I’m mainly concerned with boosting my immune system {cause a sick mama is just no fun for anyone}. I picked up a big bag of veggie capsules at Community Natural {something like 1000 capsules for around $46} and my oils are from Young Living {only use oils that are safe for ingestion, check labels & info before use}.

Living with Essential Oils: Boosting Immunity ~ Young Living Oils Tip, Veggie Capsules by Bubblegum Sass

Here’s my routine:

  • Get each oils bottle opened and ready
  • Open top of veggie capsule
  • Drop in essential oils
  • Carefully fill rest of veggie capsule with Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • Replace top of veggie capsule
  • Gently shake
  • Ingest with a big glass of water

Currently, I’m taking 2 drops of Thieves & 2 drops of Oregano essential oils.

It’s been an easy thing to add to my day. So far, I haven’t noticed any ill side effects, except for the occasional oregano burp that makes you think you’ve eaten too much Italian food. From the things I’ve read, it’s a good idea to ingest your oils with food and not too close to when you’re taking other vitamins or medications.

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