Friday Introductions: Hiya!

Friday Introductions ~ Etsy Shop Owners ~ Crafty Mama Bubblegum Sass

Hiya, folks! And welcome! I’m Sarah, the pastel-unicorn-mermaid-cat-lace-button loving mama behind Bubblegum Sass. I’ve been periodically sharing some tidbits about myself on Instagram and thought I would post them here too, so you can get to know me more.

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Here’s some random fun facts:

  • My favourite colour is turquoise

  • I totally have dance parties listening to worship music, while doing the evening dishes
  • I started a weightlifting program almost six ago & I’m not embarrassed to say I can now Deadlift 185lbs!
  • I believe there’s an essential oil remedy for everything {or at least almost everything}
  • Painting my nails always makes me happy & it’s one simple way I practice a little self-care


Friday Introductions ~ Etsy Shop Owners ~ Crafty Mama Bubblegum Sass


  • I love playing board games & hubby and I recently added a board game night with new friends to our schedule
  • We own farmland near Carstairs & we hope to live out there this summer {until school starts up}
  • My main farm project this year, is going to be growing fresh cut flowers {wish me luck with that}
  • When I’m not stitching up Love Catchers & Dreamcatchers for my Etsy shop, you can find me doing Lego with our son, talking to our cats, & drinking copious amounts of coffee with cream
  • We’ve been neck deep in paperwork, home study interviews, online courses, podcasts & books in our process to adopt domestically!! What an amazing journey life is!💕

Thanks for reading along here on the blog!

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