Adoption Journey

Adoption Journey ~ A different kind of motherhood ~ Blog by Bubblegum Sass


Adoption. A very powerful word. So many unknowns. So many scenarios.

Definitely walking entirely on faith through this. Not blind, but trying to get educated & full of love & acceptance. It’s going to push all my own boundaries and it’s going to take strength that I don’t have on my own. This I know.

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We’re reading books, doing online workshops, listening to webinars, reaching out to others who have gone through the adoption process {adoptive parents & adoptees}, have even attended a conference Together For Adoption. Trying to be a sponge & soak it all in. Learning from other adoptive parents is becoming the most valuable thing. One day, we’ll have our own journey & experiences to share, so others can learn. One day.

Well, one day is really now.

We’ve already been on this journey for a while. So many things have conspired to bring us to this stage. That’s part of the excitement, really, because we can see how far we’ve come in our faith and in our family. Six years ago, I would never have pictured things as they are. Between immense loss and struggles, and blessings that have overflowed, God continues to surprise us. And so, envisioning how the entire adoption process will go, is full of every feeling imaginable.

And already, we’ve been faced with hard choices. Heavy. Heartbreaking. And fast. Clearly reminders that we need to walk very closely with God during all of this.

And beyond.


Adoption Journey ~ A different kind of motherhood ~ Blog by Bubblegum Sass


We really had no idea what “adoption” was when we started out on this journey. We understood the importance, some of the immensity of what we were committing ourselves to and what we felt called to do. But there is just so much more to it than we could have known. My eyes and heart have been opened up so much in such a short time.

We have been asked “why” adoption? Because it’s the only option we ever felt called to expand our family. And as Christians, we have a responsibility to care for orphans.

We have been asked “why domestic adoption?” Because the more we have learned about open adoption, the more we are in support of it. Domestic adoption offers the possibility that our adopted child could remain connected to & in contact with their birth family. That’s not likely with an international adoption. Adopting a newborn is our heart’s desire & domestic adoption offers that possibility too.

I so badly want to share all that we’re going through, but it’s been hard to know where to even start.

So it starts here. With this post.

PS – If you’re interested in your own copy of the wonderful adoption print above, check out Mumaduke Designs on Etsy, run by fellow adoptive mama Zoe.

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One thought on “Adoption Journey

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my print. Adoption really is a magical process. Full of, at the time, a lot of lows, anticipation, anxiety and worries. Yet when you FINALLY bring your child home all those uncertain worries seem to be a distant memory (and a whole new set of worries kick in. But that’s normal parenting!!)

    Adoption in the UK seems very different to in America. We don’t have open adoption at all, 99% of children are removed for their own safety. For us this brought on a whole new set of worries and anxiety about keeping Cubs identity secure.

    For all those considering adoption I would 100% recommend it. I never ever thought I would be ok with not being a birth parent. That longing for a bump and all those early days as a birth parent. The early bonding, seeing your baby resemble you and your partner. I thought all of those ‘needs’ would be with me forever. I can safely, hand on my heart say that I wouldn’t change Cub for the world. I will fight for him every day of his life, I am his Mummy and I always will be. He is my world and I feel so so lucky and honoured that he is mine. Forever. Yes it’s though, but being a parent is. The early settling in stages I found hard (also the social workers constant visits kept reminding you that you weren’t a ‘normal’ birth family) but now a year in I genuinely forget that I didn’t give birth to him. Adoption is part of his story. It’s not his whole story. It will be something I encourage him to be proud of and thankful for and something I will continue to promote.

    Maybe one day I will get the courage to write a blog about our experiences too.
    Well done Sarah for putting your heart on your sleeve and letting us in.

    I look forward to hearing your journey.

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