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150 Faces of YYC Growers ~ Local Food Movement

Ever heard of urban farming? What about the local food movement? There’s been a lot going on to increase awareness about eating local and supporting local producers & makers. Hubby and I are proud to a part of YYC Growers and Distributors through our small farm business, Happiness By The Acre. YYC Growers is a farmer/producer owned cooperative here in Calgary, with the vision for sustainable food that is delicious, healthy, fresh and supports community issues like environmental footprints, food security & food democracy.

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It has been a pleasure to watch the local food movement grow over the last several years. It is in the spirit of celebration that the co-op is undertaking a project called 150 Faces of YYC Growers, to help commemorate Canada’s 150th Birthday & showcase the folks involved in today’s local food!


150 Faces of YYC Growers ~ Local Food Movement


Even our little {big} Sam is getting to be involved in this project! He was featured as one of the 150 Faces recently. Each day, for 150 days, the project is showcasing someone involved in the food community. That might be a farmer/producer, volunteer, customer, or restaurant. It’s a great way to get to know your local farmers, see how the work gets done, learn more about what’s happening with local food in Calgary, and see how you can play a part too! Or maybe you already do…

Follow the project on Facebook or Instagram to see all 150 Faces! And if you’re already involved with YYC Growers, make sure to submit your photos & story to: faces@yycgrowers.com


Eat local. Support local. Love local.

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