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Corbis business cardWell it has been almost a month and a half since my last day at work. Not sure where the time has gone. I’ve obviously been keeping quite busy with all my sewing. In all honesty, I have not missed my work. Sure, I’ve missed my co-workers, but thankfully had the opportunity to meet and chat with them and even had a crafty play-date. The work itself though, has rarely crossed my mind. It was time to move on, I’m certain of that and still feel quite relieved to have been “transitioned” out of the company (a polite way of saying laid off).

Although I toasted to that end with a drink (or two or more), I felt like I still needed to officially acknowledge this fairly major change. After watching Lemonade the movie back in January, I had become determined to participate in Cards of Change, a site that collects the stories of folks who’ve been laid off and yet manage to see the bright side of it all. People are encouraged to take their old business cards and write down one positive change since their lay off. I’ve been staring at my old Corbis business card for quite some now, wondering what to do with it. The result of which you can see here.

Looking on the bright side of all this change? Oh yes, I still am, even after a month and a half. This past week has been especially difficult to stay positive about life in general. That is why it seemed so important to take a step back and remember, with the challenges I face in life, I still have my gifts and talents. And I intend to use them.

I’m feeling so very thankful for Bubblegum Sass these days. Thankful too, for all the folks who support me.

**My Cards of Change submission was approved. View it on their site here**

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