Of course I can!

Well over a month ago, I wrote a post-it saying “Order Banner”. I figured that it would be a good idea to have a Bubblegum Sass banner to hang at craft shows and markets. The post-it stared back at me for several weeks beside my sewing machine and every time I saw it, I thought, yes, I really should do that because who knows how long it will take to receive and what if I get into a craft show this spring… As it turns out I will be in at least two craft sales in the coming month. And of course, my procrastination totally worked against me because it will be two weeks before the banner is done.

Fabric BannerWhich is about the time I thought to myself, what the heck?! I’m a crafter. I can make my own damn banner! Gathering up some random pieces of black and pink fabric from the stash and a roll of Heat n’ Bond from my sweet mom, I got to work. Originally inspired by this fabric banner that was made for the Craftster booth. Mine is simplified owing to the fact that I am now at t-minus 2 days and counting till the Market Collective sale. Can I just say that, even simplified, I think my banner rocks! Way cooler than a Vista Print banner, which is still on order (as a back up to have on hand). Now simplified doesn’t mean that it didn’t take several hours, in case you endeavor to try this yourself. Cutting around all the letters is finicky work. My short-cut suggestion for this project, is to use Heat n’ Bold Ultra Hold, which requires no-sewing around the edges of your pieces. In fact, my mom urged me NOT to sew this type of adhesive because it starts to gum-up your machine and needle. Hopefully it will hold up well.

I’ll get some some better pics to share with you of the banner hanging at up this weekend at Market Collective.

Hopefully I will see some of you at the market. If not, have a most enjoyable weekend!

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