Fabric blossoms

Fabric Flowers with ButtonsI really shouldn’t be left alone with a hot glue gun or a sewing machine or buttons. Craziness always ensues. Craziness that turns into pretty things, so that’s okay, right?

I’ve had this project in the wings for over a year; floral hair accessories made from scrap fabrics. I made one to wear to my brother’s wedding last May and loved it. Ended up making a second one and wear them both all the time. They look super cute in my short hair too. Did I ever mention that I got my haircut? More than 6 inches off! Anyway, I finally sat down and got a bunch more made up. I like them on the hair combs, but I’m also trying them on clips and barrettes. Plus, I want to play around with some more complex headpieces. Fun, fun, fun!

Happy crafting!

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