Giving Thanks

Baby PumpkinTaking a moment this Thanksgiving to reflect on what I’m really grateful for in our lives these days. Here’s my top ten:

  • A hubby to share this life with, and grow alongside as we face amazing moments mixed with great heartbreak
  • Time to spend with family in joyful moments, and mournful ones too
  • A kicking baby keeping me company throughout my days
  • The hope and healing that our baby brings to this whole family, even while it’s still in the womb
  • Precious friends with whom we share our faith and entire lives with
  • My hubby’s big heart and amazing desire to bring God into our lives more
  • The opportunity to turn my passion into a business
  • An abundance of yarn in our basement to make cozy things
  • Getting to watch two little babes discover the world around them
  • Being baptized alongside my hubby and committing our lives to much more than just each other

Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with more blessing than you can count!

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2 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. Sarah,

    I so appreciate your words and your honesty and your outlook on life. I admire you. And am glad to be sharing life with you.

    (and thanks for loving Simon so much!)

    love, shauna

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