Colourful, cozy necks

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Ta-da! Introducing the newest scarflette gals! Or rather the newest cowl scarves. Yes, indeed, I have changed the name a bit on these in the hopes of improving searchability and such. Scarflettes just isn’t as common as “cowl” or “scarves” and so I have relinquished my oh-so-loved cute product name for something slightly more descriptive.

These newest additions are made from a yarn combo that I started using in August and now currently have a rainbow of them completed. I’m a big fan of double stranded cowls and these ones are made from two different yarn types (in the past I just doubled up on a single type of yarn). One strand is made from a wool mohair blend called Alfa by SandnesGarn, while the second strand of yarn is made from Colinette Isis. Both of which comes from the oh-so-handy stock of yarns from my mother-in-law’s shop (which now lives in our basement). I really love the weight of the Alfa wool. It’s perfect for my cowls, but by itself, it can be a bit itchy. So I experimented with ways to soften it up and discovered that pairing it with the Isis yarn made it buttery soft. And the colours! Oh, the colour combos come out so beautiful! Seriously, who can resist variegated yarns? Each cowl can be worn with so many different colours!

These gals will be for sale at all my upcoming craft shows. There is literally a rainbow of them, although, some are one-of-a-kind colour combos, so if you see one you like, don’t wait to long to buy it. I’ve started listing them in the shop too, a new one each day. If you live locally (in Calgary), you can avoid the shipping cost listed on Etsy, just contact me and I will drop your purchase off directly to you. Pretty sweet deal!

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2 thoughts on “Colourful, cozy necks

    1. 😉 I actually took the time to to style my make-up, hair, and earrings for these photos. At least you only need to see from the neck up, so it doesn’t matter that I’m only wearing jogging pants. Hehehehe…

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