I did something!

Button embroidery hoop
Craft inspired from Pinterest

Yep, I actually did some crafting this week. AND not only did I do some crafting, I completed a little project! Here’s my first Button-spiration completed craft project. I posted about it on Wednesday. I quickly discovered that it was a perfect thing to work on in the evenings while Sam dozed between feedings. It whipped together nicely and it was so enjoyable to spend some time with my beloved buttons! This rainbow hoop of buttons is destined to be hung in the nursery. Now Sam has something colorful to look at in there (or maybe it’s more that mama has something to look at…). Either way it felt wonderful to get back to some crafting, no matter how simple.

Hope you can find a few spare moments in your day to create, whether it’s cast on some stitches, doodle in your sketchbook or cut out a few pieces of fabric.

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2 thoughts on “I did something!

  1. Yay! Looks awesome. My goal this week is exactly what you said: cut some fabric (for those damn tag blankets!)…one step at a time!!!

    1. Hope you were able to get some fabric cut. I have little piles of various projects waiting for me to work on at some point. Need to get Sam more comfortable in the Moby wrap so I can do them.

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