Stitch by stitch

There has been some more crafting going on, one small stitch at a time. I prepared several embroidery hoops with a variety of lovely fabrics (thanks mom for letting me raid your stash of prints). Oh yes, I know it’s hard to believe that I would need to raid someone else’s fabric stash given the vastness of my own crazy stash, but I wanted to use particular prints. My mom has been busy working away on Sam’s baby quilt, all of which is made from 1930’s reproduction prints and I was keen to use these same type of prints to decorate the nursery. The inspiration for this embroidery hoop decor can be seen on one of my Pinterest boards. I’ve been slowly working away on hand stitching designs onto each, a bit every evening between Sam’s feeds, when I can hand him over to hubby and have both hands free. Hopefully I’ll be done soon and I’ll share the finished project once the hoops are hung in the nursery.

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