Celebrating 200!

Another milestone on this here little blog of mine. This is the 200th post! Yeppers! 200! I figured it was the perfect time to read back through past posts and pick out some of my favorites. So here, in chronological order are my top ten favs (click on the text link in the list below to read the original post):

  1. Trick or treat goodness (part two)
  2. To you, from me: packaging made pretty
  3. A Keyword Story
  4. Sassy crafter
  5. Cat Eye-licious
  6. A Look Back
  7. If you go out into the woods today…
  8. He has been set free
  9. Giving thanks
  10. The longest month

Now, these are my favs for many different reasons. When it came to Bubblegum Sass business-type post, some of them were just enjoyable to write or research, while others were satisfying to share new sewing creations. When it came to personal life-type posts, many marked fairly monumental changes, some positives and others just sad, from being laid off to losing a brother. This has been my life for the past year & a half in 200 posts.

I took a peek at my Google Analytics to see what the most viewed blog posts were, knowing that my favorites were probably not among these. Surprisingly, the most viewed was Purses grow on trees, a post about the purse display stand that my father and I made. Go figure. Following close in second place are a series of posts I wrote in preparation for the Edmonton Make It show in November. These posts were “tweeted” about by the show organizers, and so they reached a larger audience than my blog normally does.

When I started the blog, I made a long list of ideas for possible types of posts and in all honesty, I’ve only tapped into a small portion of these. One of the big things I wanted to post more often on the blog were tutorials with step by step photo documentation of projects I completed. I also really wanted to post more about past projects, crafty and arty. I’ve been making things for years and I feel like showcasing some of my past projects would give readers better insight into where I’ve been in my creative process and the possibilities of where I might go. Plus, it’s just fun to share. Oh how I miss the days of critiques in art school.

My goals going forward with this blog is that I hope to do more tutorials and be more of a resource for your own crafty endeavors, to post regularly about past projects (including my artwork) and start another weekly Keyword Story series (to make sure I keep my keywording muscles toned). I think it would also be awesome to start featuring some of the incredibly creative people in my life.

And so we’ll see where this blog goes for the next 200 posts. Thank you so much for reading along! Not even sure how many of “you” there are out there. But no matter the number, it’s always a pleasure to write and share about my small corner of this very big world.

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