Raining rainbows

Many months before Sam was born, I purchased several solid colored baby onesies with the intention of decorating them. Unfortunately they ended up on this list of items that I didn’t get done beforehand. So I’ve been trying to squeeze them into my brief moments in the evenings when I have two hands free. Here is the first completed onesie:

Rain cloud onesie

Rain cloud onesie detail

I used a reverse appliqué technique (my first time at attempting it). There were two different tutorials I read on this, one from that*darn*kat blog and the other from Sew, Mama, Sew! In the end what I ended up doing was much closer to the second tutorial, simply because I was sewing by hand not machine. It was really simple to do and I have plans to try it with another onesie, perhaps a dinosaur this time around or even a Day of the Dead sugar skull. There are a bunch of other ideas for decorating & personalizing onesies floating around in my head and on my Pinterst board. And I better get moving on the onesies I’ve already purchased because the time for them to be worn by little Sam will quickly come and go before I know it!

Happy Friday! Wishing you all a little crafty time this weekend!

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