Okay. This is taking a love of buttons to the next level. Button sculptures! Simple buttons strung on fishing line to make incredible pieces of art! I would love to see these on display in person. The artist is Augusto Esquivel, born in Argentina & now living in Miami. His work definitely draws to mind that of my fav local artist Shelley Ouellet (check her out if you haven’t seen her work yet).

Here’s what Esquivel says of his button work in his artist statement:
“I realize how insignificant and small a simple sewing button can be as it lays in my grandmother’s sewing box, but at the same time how unique and precious it can become as part of a work of art. Like an atom in a molecule, each button serves and shapes the whole. I hold the button to my ear and it whispers to me, “I want to be…..” 

And they do want to be so many things. Buttons, that is.

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