Oh my, is it that time of year already!? Yes, yes it is. I really do love Christmas, so it should be no surprise that what I’ve had on my mind lately has been Christmas craft projects. Not the making of Christmas gifts, which is usually what I’m getting knee deep in right about now. Instead, I’ve been pondering decorative projects for our own house.

Every year, I think about making an advent calendar, and it never happens. One year, I’ll get myself organized in the spring/summer (cause it will take awhile to put together) and make an awesome advent Calendar for Sam (a girl can dream). For now, I’m looking at this simple button tree advent calendar by Diane Gilleland of the CraftyPod. Buttons are mounted on simple thumbtacks and the Christmas tree is just a foam cone. Each day of December, you add a cute button ornament to the tree.

PS – I had this post all written up a couple weeks ago… In that time, I had an awesome crafty mama day and actually managed to make a button advent calendar! Hope to share it with you here next week!

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