Eleven whole months

Ok, seriously, we’re only one month from the big 1st birthday celebration!! C-r-a-z-y!

Sam laughing at 11 months oldI have no idea where this little man is at with his height & weight these days. He definitely just finished a growth spurt because for about five days he was a bottom-less pit for food.

One more tooth popped through on the bottom and there seems to be some more teething going on right now.

He is now officially a bookworm. He spends more time with books than he does with toys & has now started to “read” a bit on his own. Very adorable.

Sam is trying to master page turning, but we still have some ripping accidents with the picture books. Board books really do serve a purpose for babies of a certain age.

He is definitely in charge of choosing which books to read these days. Simply read the title out loud and he will let youSam smiling at 11 months old know if he wants that particular book or not.

And seriously, his favorite books are always the cat books. Since last month, we’ve gone to the library twice and both times come away with a new cat book. Each time, the cat book becomes the beloved fav that we read a dozen times a day. The first of these was Kitty Up! by Elizabeth Wojtusik. The second was & still remains I Like Cats by Patricia Hubbell.

The most exciting thing around here these days has been watching Sam CRAWL. Yes, he can crawl, a bit anyway. He just started forward crawling at the end of last week and goes through little spurts of it & then forgets that he can.

Besides the crazy five days of eating everything offered to him, eat & feeding have been a bit frustrating. I think he’s just finally ready to be more in charge of feeding himself Sam watching snow at 11 months oldand we’re going through the awkward stage where he hasn’t figured out quite how to do that. We’re introducing lots of finger foods now that he finally has teeth to chew with & the desire to feed himself. Yay, for lots of mess!

OMgosh! I almost forgot THE most important part of this month!! Sam now takes all of his naps in his crib! I was getting more & more nervous having him napping in our bed or on the couch. We attempted naps in the crib back in the summer, but Sam wasn’t ready then and it totally started screwing up his night-time sleep, so we didn’t push it. I had a feeling though, that he was finally ready for this change. It went so smoothly, a tiny bit of crying, but nothing like before. And now that he knows the routine, he seems happy to take naps in his crib. Big step for baby boy, and a huge relief for this mama (I actually get to craft while he naps now)!Pensive Sam at 11 months old

And could he be more like his father?! Sam loves the cold air, fresh breezes, snow falling on his face. Take him outside and his face lights up with a big smile, even in the cold. Oh our winter baby! We really DO need to get a sled so we can go tromping around in the snow.

Only two more weeks till little man gets to celebrate his 1st Christmas! Can’t wait!

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One thought on “Eleven whole months

  1. It really is amazing how quickly time flies by. Will we ever get used to it? It’s so exciting to see all the new skills and adventures…but a little bittersweet as they leave “baby-hood” behind them more and more.

    Yay for naps. And mama’s sanity. You have done an amazing job (full of patience and grace and love) to get him the sleep he has needed. I’m so glad he can now sleep peacefully in his crib…and you can peaceful craft…or read…or nap…or do whatever your heart desires.

    Love you all!

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