These beauties remind me of the Christmas trees wrapped in yarn that I made in December (which I’m realizing I never got around to blogging about…sigh). These Easter eggs are pretty darn cute. They’re made with jute/twine, but I bet they could be done with scrap yarn too. You can find the full tutorial on FitzBirch Crafts.

All you need is styrofoam eggs, glue, jute/twine/yarn, buttons, and cotton crochet thread. Now, when I made my styrofoam Christmas trees wrapped in yarn, I used a hot glue gun. The tutorial recommends PVA glue and a brush, but if I was going to give this a try, I’d probably whip out the glue gun (especially if I’m not doing it with kids).

This definitely feels like a possible nap time craft. And just picture them in a basket as an Easter center piece.

Happy crafting!

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