Greener pastures

Well over a month ago, we ventured out to our farm for a little visit. Thought I would share some photos with you. It’s a 150 acres just outside of Carstairs, being leased for grain farming. No buildings currently on it, but one day it will be our home. Until then, we’ll pop out for visits when we can and watch it change through the seasons.

Hubby recently set-up a Facebook page and a website for our Happiness By the Acre business. We hope to do small scale market gardening in an urban setting over the next few years while we continue to live in Calgary and then transition this into a larger farming business and lifestyle once we move out into the country. So many adventures to come! Oh and don’t worry, the crafting will continue. For without crafts, where would I be?

Here’s a peek at the farm…


Crops growing

Marcus on farm

Country road

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