A berry good day

Solstice Berry Farm

We had a lovely adventure the other weekend, spending a morning at the Solstice Berry Farm (only a 30min drive from our house).

Rows of saskatoon berries

We spent about two hours among these rows of Saskatoon berries. They have an incredible crop this year, so finding ripe berries to pick was easy-peasy. It just took a while to collect enough (Saskatoon berries are smaller than I thought).

Sam at Solstice Berry Farm

Sam at Solstice Berry Farm 2

The sun was shining, the canola fields were glowing, storm clouds were building and our little Sammy was teething. It was one of those good days that require a lot of extra patience in order to enjoy.

Solstice Berry Farm 2

Solstice Berry Farm 3

I’d never picked Saskatoon berries before, but we’ll definitely head out again. So tasty.

Saskatoon berries

Once we got home, we got down to work. Hubby fired up the dehydrator, and I put together a Saskatoon & Rhubarb pie (which I promptly froze) and baked Saskatoon berry muffins (recipe from here).

Saskatoon Berry Muffins

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