crochet buttons

Here’s a fun combination of two things I love. Buttons & crochet. Actually, crochet buttons. Nifty, eh? I could see spending an evening making up a bunch of these… for something. Maybe put some on a few cuff bracelets, or make some new button hair clips. Not sure I would actually use them as functional buttons, but more just for embellishment.

There are quite a few tutorials out there for making these. This one from Salt for the Spirit, incorporates a plastic ring to form thicker, more rounded buttons. There is also a super simple crochet button tutorial on Mr. Micawber’s Reciper for Happiness blog. Quick Tip has some simple patterned buttons. Jenny Doh has examples of some crochet buttons she made from hemp yarn & used to decorate a pair of ballet flats. There’s also instructions on Mademoiselle Chaos for crocheting around buttons, giving them a bit of a facelift. I think you’re starting to get the picture. Lots of options to choose from.

Happy crocheting!

crochet covered buttons

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