The Gal:

Sarah Riedner is the creative mind and hands behind Bubblegum Sass. She lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with her husband, baby boy, and furry friend Chloe. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Calgary in 2004 and worked for several years in Calgary’s creative & tech industry as a Keyworder for an international stock photography company. Sarah officially started her Bubblegum Sass business in 2011.

Sarah Riedner ~ Bubblegum Sass ~ Owner, Maker, Designer, Blogger, Sassy Crafter
Owner, Maker, Designer, Blogger, Sassy Crafter

The Story:

I’ve been sewing since I was a child, got a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2004, learned to crochet in 2009… you could say that creativity is just a part of my life.

Both my parents are incredibly creative folks, even my two older brothers got the creative bug early on. I married my university sweetie, who stole my heart in the printmaking studio.

Sarah and Marcus Riedner
Marcus & Sarah ~ July 2014

After years of daydreaming about my craft business, things finally started to become more of a reality when I had to take two months off of work to recovery from surgery. It had been a difficult year, the kind of year that makes you sit back and take stock of what is really important in your life. Having two months to slow down, gave me enough time to reflect & commit to starting Bubblegum Sass. As soon as I took these first steps, things just started falling into place. I was laid off from my job in the stock photography industry, which allowed me to turn all my focus onto the business. It was the fresh start I needed.

I hope to share the journey here, along with all the the other things that get thrown my way (like starting a family… we had our first child in January 2012, a boy named Samuel).

Baby Samuel(Now)

Sammy as Artist

The Product:

When I started my Etsy shop back in 2011, I was selling crochet cowl scarves, quilted purses & button coin purses. In 2014, I started making the Love Catchers (my unique version of the Dreamcatcher). It feels like I’ve come a long way with my product & I’m continuing to develop my line of home decor items, with some small accessories for women thrown in here & there. I can not resist adding a button to anything! Buttons are like the “cherry-on-top” for each item I make. If you like buttons too, then we will get along just fine!

Love Catcher by Bubblegum Sass ~ Lace Dreamcatcher for Nursery Decor

Love Catcher by Bubblegum Sass ~ Lace Dreamcatcher for Nursery Decor

Button Earrings by Bubblegum Sass

Mermaid Dreamcatchers by Bubblegum Sass for Nursery Decor

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sarah,

    We came across your work and thought it was adorable and lovely! We’d love to invite you to apply to this year’s One of a Kind Vancouver, December 6 – 9! This year is our 5th anniversary in Vancouver and we have loads of exciting things planned for it! We think you’d be a great addition. Let me know if you’d like any further information.

    show director

  2. Hello Sarah. Your very lovely Mother-In-Law popped into our Banff gallery yesterday and gave me this website to view your art. It is fantastic and so creative. If you are interested in selling to the retail sector just let me know – we would love to have your work in our store.


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